Since 1983, the company has offered equipment and furnishings on the Italian market for commercial areas, intended to increase their profitability, offering original, high quality products selected from the best international production. Particular attention is paid to ecology, social commitment, and business ethics.

Collaboration with foreign manufacturing companies is not limited to importing and at sales, but is extended to consulting independently on the Italian market, development, analysis of the competition and of market prices, and legislation, but also translation and adaptation of the catalogues, price-lists, publications, and user manuals, in order to encourage the fluidity of understanding by potential Italian clients and enjoy all the opportunities for growth in sales.

In taking on the task of representing certain products, we are concerned with verifying their constant quality and the reliability of the manufacturers, in order to provide innovations with strong value added and investments of particular value to the Italian market.

If you have a company with specific know-how that wishes to develop itself in the Italian marketplace as an operator in a commercial sector, intending collaboration on the national territory, or if you are a user of our services with a special project or a problem to solve, be sure to contact us; we are at your service.

Sophie RAVEL
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