Automatic collectors for bottles and cans
Automatic bottle collection: marketing tool for client loyalty. Collection management for refillable or single use glass bottles, PET bottles, PET multi-material collection, and aluminum cans. They are provided with bottles or can- crushing devices, (compacting), shape recognition and barcode systems, and graphic printing for issuing receipts or promotional coupons with barcodes, or a customer loyalty card reader for accumulating points.
Cable display systems
Cable displays: clarity and effectiveness in your messages. Messages and products stand out with an elegant and flexible display system on cables for various applications: display window installation with poster holder, Plexiglas bulletin boards, hanging lighted panels, and displays on cables or ropes for signage, communications, posters, and low-voltage lighting.
Shopping Carts/trolleys and cart locks ( coinlock)
A full range of high quality carts with the latest innovations such as a sterilized nano-silver handle, and ecological carts without the zinc-coating process. Cart locks, or token dispensers functioning with coins. Coin locks can also be used as security systems for various types of equipment: brooms, watering cans, seats in cemeteries and parks, strollers, beach chairs, baggage carts, and bicycles.
Installation of kid corners
Kid corners: can be set up in any context, making family outings more pleasant. For more relaxing grocery shopping with your children in the supermarket; for a fun way to wait in the airport or at the station; even at the pediatrician, the wait will be less difficult with modular walled play areas, from the simplest to more complex, with an interactive screen. Also for restaurants, hotels and hospitality facilities.
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